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05.02.2018 - “We Need Talanoa for Climate Ambition” - COP 23 President
Frank Bainimarama, President of the UN Climate Conference COP23 and Prime Minster of Fiji, has called everyone to take part in the so-called “Talanoa Dialgoue”, an important international conversation in which countries will check progress and seek to increase global ambition to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.
02.02.2018 - Urban Wetlands Are Important for Climate Protection
From mangrove forests to coral reefs on the coast, to peatlands to floodplains inland, wetlands play a crucial role in the fight against climate change and help make urban areas more sustainable. On 2 February, we celebrate World Wetlands Day.
01.02.2018 - Health, Climate and Small Island States
When people talk about climate change, they often use the word “rising” to describe the environmental impact. Rising temperatures. Rising sea levels. Rising fossil fuel emissions. The problem with this description is that it fails to mention people and the profound impact that climate change has on them and their health.
31.01.2018 - Renewables Overtake Coal in Supplying European Electricity
A new analysis by Sandbag and Agora Energiewende shows that the European Union generated more electricity from renewable sources such as wind, solar and biomass than coal in 2017, with renewables accounting for over 30% of Europe’s electricity for the first time.
30.01.2018 - Paris Agreement Triggers Divestment from Coal - Study
The fact that countries are now implementing the Paris Climate Change Agreement will on balance lead to more divestment from coal and other fossil fuels than it will spark a rush to burn up the world’s remaining fossil fuel reserves, according to a new study.
29.01.2018 - Leading Companies Cut Supply Chain Emissions, Save Money
A new report by CDP, a global environmental disclosure platform, says major companies worldwide achieved a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in their supply chains in 2017.
26.01.2018 - Norwegian DJ Goes on Climate Neutral Tour
After touring the UK earlier this month, Norwegian DJ and producer Matoma continues his “One in a Million” tour in the USA. Before taking to the road, Matoma and his team measured, reduced and overcompensated the carbon footprint of the tour, making it not only climate neutral but climate positive.
26.01.2018 - UN Opens Talanoa Dialogue Portal, Aiming for Higher Climate Ambition
The UN Climate Change secretariat today launched a new portal to support the Talanoa Dialogue, an important international conversation in which countries will check progress and seek to increase global ambition to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.
22.01.2018 - Fashion Industry, UN Pursue Climate Action for Sustainable Development
The fashion industry and UN Climate Change are searching how best to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the sector and have fashion’s voice heard in international negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
19.01.2018 - Pakistan Explores Carbon Pricing
Pakistan is considering the benefits of various ways of pricing carbon – for example through a tax on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions or an emissions cap-and-trade system – which could spur investment and domestic action on climate change.
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