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04.01.2017 - ‘Mega-Trends’ Like Climate Change Best Tackled With Private Sector Help: New UN Chief
António Guterres says more engagement with the private sector and civil society will be key to the United Nation’s effectiveness.
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03.01.2017 - For China, Climate Change Is No Hoax; It’s a Business and Political Opportunity
In mid-November, while Americans were preoccupied with election returns, China sent some of its clearest signals yet that it will continue to pursue an international leadership role on issues including climate.
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03.01.2017 - Is climate change causing bird's wing length to grow? Scientists say 'Yes'
Scientists from the University of Notre Dame in Sydney have found out that climate change may be causing the wing length of some bird species to grow rapidly.
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03.01.2017 - How the Fed joined the fight against climate change
The main reasons the Fed has kept rates near zero for eight years have been to restore economic growth and lower unemployment — goals that have been largely achieved. But doing so has had an important, if little noticed — and probably unintended — side effect: It has been promoting efforts to curb global warming.
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02.01.2017 - Climate Change 2017: Famine Awaits As Artic Region Is Bound For A More Serious ‘Tipping Point’ Says Renowned Adventurer, Is Earth Near To Its Total Destruction?
After being an actual eyewitness to the devastating impact of global warming that took place during an expedition to the Arctic, renowned Adventurer Sir David Hempleman-Adams has recently been found to have been calling out on every politician's attention to "grasp the nettle" on climate change.The renowned adventurer claims that he allegedly witnessed how the arctic region reached the "tipping point" and warned that the rapidly vanishing ice could lead to floods and famine.
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23.12.2016 - Research suggests climate change affecting plants above ground more than below
It's a long way between central Pennsylvania and Greenland—at least 2,000 miles—but Laura Radville came to Penn State so she could study climate change in the "Iceberg capital of the world."
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22.12.2016 - Global climate target could net additional six million tons of fish annually
If countries abide by the Paris Agreement global warming target of 1.5 degrees Celsius, potential fish catches could increase by six million metric tons per year, according to a new study published in Science.
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21.12.2016 - Obama interzice noi exploatări de petrol și gaze în oceanele Arctic și Atlantic. Ce vor ecologiștii și alegătorii
Barack Obama a blocat ieri acordarea de noi permise pentru exploatarea zăcămintelor de petrol și gaze naturale din Oceanul Arctic și Atlantic. Măsura a fost luată pentru a-l împiedica pe Donald Trump să pună în aplicare planul anunțat în campania electorală, conform căruia ar urma să renunțe la măsurile gândite pentru a limita schimbările climatice.
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19.12.2016 - The role of visual images in communicating climate change
Visual images and representations such as photographs, maps, drawings, symbols and three-dimensional representations play a critical role in enhancing climate change knowledge and understanding.
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19.12.2016 - Farmers in Sudan battle climate change and hunger as desert creeps closer
In Sudan’s eastern state of Gedaref, nicknamed “the granary” for its vast rows of sesame, sorghum and millet, banks of sediment and gravel are popping up as high as hills around the farms – the result of deforestation and erratic rains causing watering holes to overflow.
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