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23.11.2016 - Climate changing 'too fast' for species
Many species will not be able to adapt fast enough to survive climate change, say scientists.
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17.11.2016 - 'Climate change destroys Africa's beauty'
Speaking at COP22 in Marrakesh, activist Landry Ninteretse says African wildlife and food security are under threat. What the continent needs most from the West is not finance but an end to extractivism.
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15.11.2016 - Climate change momentum will be sustained: US envoy on Donald Trump vote
Amid reports that the US under Donald Trump’s presidency could withdraw from the Paris pact, the country’s top climate envoy has expressed confidence that despite a change of government in America a durable global effort to counter climate change will be sustained.
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10.11.2016 - Climate change is changing nature so much it may need ‘human-assisted evolution’, scientists say
Life on Earth has already been fundamentally altered by global warming, affecting the genes of plants and animals and altering every ecosystem on the planet, according to a major review of the scientific literature.
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09.11.2016 - Climate Change Conference celebrates Forest Action Day
The Climate Change Conference (COP22) in Morocco celebrated Forest Action Day on Tuesday.
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03.11.2016 - Climate finance in 2016: 4 reports you need to read
On Monday I wrote about 12 reports you should read before the UN climate talks kick-off in Marrakech, Morocco next week.
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02.11.2016 - Germany unveils zero-emissions train that only emits steam
The world's first 'hydrail' can travel almost 500 miles per day at speeds of up to 87mph
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26.10.2016 - Climate change could harm relationships between predator and prey, says researcher
Climate change could negatively impact the relationship between predator and prey relationships, according to a UBC Okanagan study.
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25.10.2016 - Company climate change plans too weak to meet Paris goals - survey
Plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions by big companies represent only a quarter of the amounts needed to limit global warming under targets agreed last year by almost 200 nations, a study showed on Tuesday.
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21.10.2016 - Climate change could recreate horror drought
Researchers have created a model to reveal how climate change could combine the same weather patterns that led to a $1.3 billion drought.
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