Moldova: Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan undergoes public consultation


The draft of the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) 2025-2030, a roadmap for achieving Moldova's decarbonisation objectives, underwent a public consultation on 16 February in Chisinau. 


The document was developed by the Ministry of Energy, with the support of the European Union through the 'Addressing the impacts of the energy crisis in the Republic of Moldova' programme, implemented by UNDP Moldova.

The NECP sets targets for renewable energy, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, by 2030, Moldova is committed to having a 27% share of renewable energy in its final energy consumption and to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 68.6% compared to 1990.

According to the NECP, every year new energy savings of 0.8% of average annual consumption will be achieved, at least 3% of public buildings owned by central authorities will be rehabilitated every year by investing in their energy efficiency, the energy certification of buildings will be introduced, the Energy Efficiency Fund in Residential Sector will be launched, smart metres for household consumers installed, and smart chargers for electric cars with vehicle-to-grid technology promoted. 

"The Republic of Moldova has an energy intensity 3.4 times higher than the average in the European Union, which means higher energy costs for a unit of GDP, but also for each family,"  said Victor Parlicov, Minister of Energy. "This document sets the priorities and targets we need to achieve and the policies we need to implement to achieve the goals of having safe, sustainable and accessible energy for all consumers."

With a budget of €13 million allocated by the EU, the 'Addressing the impacts of the energy crisis in the Republic of Moldova' programme, implemented by UNDP, has supported the creation of the platform and launched a campaign to replace old household appliances with new energy efficient ones. The programme finances the installation of photovoltaic panels in households and a few hospitals, as well as the change of central heating systems in several blocks to much more efficient horizontal distribution systems.




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