Vulnerable but Fierce: Moldova’s Youth Fight for a Climate Future
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How is Moldova coping with the escalating effects of climate change, being particularly vulnerable among other European countries? Rising temperatures, shifting precipitation patterns, and escalating aridity exact a heavy toll, costing the country an estimated 2.13% of its gross domestic product annually.


At COP28, Moldova expressed its evident determination to combat the climate crisis. The country is actively developing measures to mitigate its effects and adapt to new conditions, in an effort to protect the population and the environment. Moldova is also developing its domestic climate agenda, exploring options for green finance and introducing criteria for assessing climate-smart investments.

The delegation signed a number of international agreements, including on increasing the share of renewable energy, energy efficiency and tripling nuclear energy production by 2050. At the same time, the latter strongly contradicts Moldova's basic position on environmental protection.

But who will translate these ambitious plans into concrete action? Will young climate leaders and experts from civil society have a seat at the decision-making table?

It's crucial to acknowledge that young people bear the brunt of the climate crisis. Conversely, a recent Ebert Foundation study paints a concerning picture: Moldovan youth increasingly feel disconnected, with climate activism witnessing a decline year after year.

But there is good news!

Our #WorldWeWant * campaign heroes exemplify how to raise critical climate issues while simultaneously engaging young people in finding solutions. Dive into the video to experience a summer climate camp for high school students and youth activists. Watch as participants deepen their understanding of climate protection and put theory into practice by crafting their own environmental campaigns.




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