Small scale CDM project activities

A project which is eligible to be considered as a small scale CDM project activity can benefit from the simplified modalities and procedures, which were adopted by the Conference of the Parties at its eighth session (Simplified modalities and procedures for small-scale CDM project activities (Annex II to Decision 21/CP.8)). To view this document in other UN languages please go to "Documents".

In order to reduce transaction costs associated to preparing and implementing a CDM project activity, the simplified modalities and procedures provide for the following simplifications:

  • A simplified project design document (most recent version of the CDM-SSC-PDD
  • Simplified methodologies for baseline determination and monitoring plans << more >> 
  • Appendix C  - Bundling of project activities at various stages in the SSC CDM project activity cycle (also note provision for avoidance of de-bundling of larger project activities)
  • Simplified provisions for environmental impact analysis
  • Shorter review period for the registration of SSC CDM project activities

The same DOE can validate as well as verify and certify emissions reductions for a specific SSC CDM project activity


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