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77% of Americans want action on climate change




Over three-quarters of Americans want to see the US government act on climate change, according to a poll commissioned by Associated Press and market research firm Gfk.


The survey, which interviewd 1002 people in the US, found that 77% want the government to be doing something about climate change.

While 20% wanted 'some' action, 22% thought that the US government could do 'quite a bit' on climate change and 35% of respondents said they want to see ' a great deal' of action.

The survey also showed that 80% of Americans believe climate change could be a big problem for the US if no action is taken. 46% of those asked thought acting on climate change would help the country's economy.

The poll follows other surveys released earlier this year that suggest belief in climate change is growing in the USA, and that citizens believe addressing the situation should be a priority.

It comes as environmentalists are pressing Obama to take a tougher stance on climate change during his second term in office.

In one move which could signal the government's commitment to climate change, Senator John Kerry is expected to be announced as the new Secretary of State this week.

Kerry has shown a long commitment to global warming issues since his attendance at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.

He is best known for a speech in the US Senate this year comparing climate change to the threat of war and for co-authoring legislation that would have capped US greenhouse gas emissions.



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