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25.06.2014 G20 summit: Obama expected to discuss 'critical issue' of climate change
Barack Obama is expecting to discuss climate change at the G20 summit in Brisbane, with the US ambassador to Australia reinforcing the president’s message that it is a “critical” issue.
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24.06.2014 Lipsită de resurse energetice fosile, Moldova se concentrează pe folosirea energiei regenerabile
Energia regenerabilă poate deveni o resursă strategică pentru economia Moldovei. De această părere este ministrul Economiei, Valeriu Lazăr, care a participat la inaugurarea "Săptămânii Europene a Energiei Durabile".
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20.06.2014 Keep the climate, change the economy
This month, the Obama administration announced new rules aimed at cutting carbon pollution from power stations by 30% from 2005 levels by 2030. Never before has a US president attempted to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from power stations and the move has been hailed by scientists and policymakers as an important step towards a global economy powered by clean energy.
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16.06.2014 Le Monde: 75% din francezi susţin că resimt efectele încălzirii globale
Publicaţia Le Monde a realizat o anchetă ale cărei rezultate arată că 75% din francezi susţin că resimt efectele încălzirii globale şi sunt îngrijoraţi din această cauză, potrivit unui sondaj fiind vizibile la tot pasul.
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16.06.2014 Upbeat end to Bonn climate talks paves way for further progress
The latest round of UN climate talks concluded in Bonn yesterday on an upbeat note, with a pledge that elements of a draft treaty aimed at curbing global warming would be circulated to the parties as early as July 15th.
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15.06.2014 UN climate talks close on upbeat note
The latest round of UN climate negotiations in Bonn ended on Sunday. Delegates and observers say a new constructive approach by key players has brought an upswing to the climate debate.
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15.06.2014 UN Climate talks close in Bonn with progress towards new climate deal
The second round of United Nations climate talks this year closed in Bonn on Sunday with progress towards a new global climate deal scheduled to be passed in 2015.
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14.06.2014 U.N. climate talks edge towards 2015 emissions deal
U.N. climate negotiations made tentative progress on Saturday towards a text for a 2015 deal to bind all nations to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
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13.06.2014 Climate Change: Countries that Contributed Less are Most Vulnerable; Top Three are Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh; Australia is 31st Least Affected
While most of the dangerous gases that had built up in the atmosphere over the years may have come from countries in the Earth's northern hemisphere, it is the countries however in the south that will bear the impact of the planet's global warming and climate change, a report released by ratings agency Standard & Poor's said.
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12.06.2014 Temperatura și aciditatea apei din Marea Mediterană cresc într-un ritm fără precedent
Creșterea într-un ritm fără precedent a temperaturii și acidității apei din Marea Mediterană reprezintă un considerabil pericol pentru ecosistemul marin, existând totodată riscul unei proliferări masive a meduzelor, este concluzia unui raport prezentat joi la Barcelona, elaborat în cadrul proiectului european MedSea, transmite EFE.
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10.06.2014 Lawmakers at Mexico Summit Focus on Fighting Climate Change
MEXICO CITY – Some 300 lawmakers from close to 60 countries are focused on achieving legislative changes in each of their nations that will help limit the rise of world temperatures, according to legislators consulted by Efe.
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09.06.2014 Climate change poses risk to sustainable development: expert
Doha Bank hosted a knowledge sharing session on “Sustainable Development in the Global Arena” yesterday with Dr R K Pachauri as key resource speaker.Doha Bank chief executive officer Dr R Seetharaman introduced Pachauri, who is chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
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08.06.2014 Indian Legislators Wake Up to Climate Change
New Delhi - Ramanjareyulu, a 55-year-old farmer from the southern India state of Andhra Pradesh, has been struggling to find his feet ever since inadequate rainfall dealt a blow to his harvest of groundnut and red gram (a pulse crop that grows primarily in India).
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05.06.2014 UN chief urges international efforts inspired by small island nations to address climate change
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon on Wednesday spotlighted the plight of small island nations, and called for strengthened international endeavor inspired by their efforts to address climate change.
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01.06.2014 UN climate change chief praises new US pollution regulations
America's new power plant regulations, due for release on Monday, could unlock stalled negotiations for a global deal on climate change, the United Nations' top climate official said.
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30.05.2014 Asia’s tourism sector commits to face up to climate challenge
The need to strengthen the tourism sector’s ability to address climate change took centre stage during the UNWTO-Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) International Conference on Tourism and Climate Change. The Conference was held in conjunction with the 26th Joint Commission Meeting for Asia and the Pacific (Legazpi, Philippines, 18-20 May 2014).
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30.05.2014 Climate Change Meets Kitchen Table as Issue Gets Personal
The White House, as it prepares to announce new limits on carbon emissions, is working to transform the debate from distant threats to more immediate issues.
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29.05.2014 Atelierul de lucru privind initierea proiectului "Programul de fortificare a capacităţilor în domeniul dezvoltării cu emisii reduse de carbon în Republica Moldova"
Scopul Proiectului este să contribuie la creşterea capacităţilor instituţionale pentru asigurarea unui mecanism adecvat de suport şi coordonare a procesului de considerare a riscurilor climatice; să ofere cunoştinţe tehnice pentru o mai bună înţelegere şi utilizare a informaţiei despre schimbările climatice, în vederea asigurării unui acces mai facil la informaţii relevante şi utilizarea acestora în procesul de planificare şi luare de decizii.
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26.05.2014 Why do next week’s UN climate talks in Bonn matter?
Coming off the back of the Abu Dhabi Ascent, and the jubilation at the recently announced agreement in the Green Climate Fund (GCF) meeting, Bonn looks to be just another stage post en route to Paris in 2015.
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21.05.2014 Oamenii de știință: Vara ce vine ar putea fi cea mai fierbinte din istoria lumii
Specialiștii de la Universitatea din Giessen, Germania, spun că vara anului 2014 va fi cea mai fierbinte, cu temperaturi record în istorie.
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