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29.12.2010 In Cancun, it was apparent the future had become the present. The danger is now
The year 2010 was a banner year for climate records but a desperate one for climate talks.
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29.12.2010 Climate Talks Bring Progress in the Fight Against Global Warming
The annual United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change conference came to an end recently with some small signs of progress. The event was held in Cancun, Mexico, and although there were no giant leaps made, the members left feeling more confident that they can work together in the future and eventually come to a binding global agreement on climate change.
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22.12.2010 Incalzirea globala aduce gerul in Europa
Valurile succesive de frig care se inregistreaza in ultima vreme in Europa ar putea fi legate de o racire temporara a climei cauzata de incalzirea globala.
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22.12.2010 ANALIZA 2Celsius Cancun, o promisiune sud-africana
Ceva e mai mult decat nimicul de la Copenhaga, era truismul indeobste murmurat de reprezentantii si expertii statelor, de activisti ori de jurnalistii acreditati la Palatul Lunii din Cancun, Mexic. Dupa doua saptamani de negocieri si conferinte dure al caror subiect ce aluneca obositor si usor penibil doar catre fondurile mondiale privind combaterea si adaptarea la schimbarile climatice, la a 16-a Conferinta a Partilor Conventiei Cadru a Natiunilor Unite privind Schimbarile Climatice (UNFCCC), in ultimele clipe, statele au semnat un acord salvator.
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21.12.2010 UN climate chief urges quick follow up of Cancun agreements
The agreement achieved at the climate summit in Cancun was a "big step" that exceeded expectations, a top UN official on climate change has said, asking nations to get to the task of quickly implementing the measures with credible accountability systems. All nations, particularly the industrialised
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21.12.2010 UN climate change chief urges nations to act on Cancun agreements
The United Nations climate change chief on Monday called upon countries to follow up on the recent conference in Cancun, Mexico, with higher global emissions cuts and the rapid launch of new institutions and funds.
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21.12.2010 Ten major int'l issues to draw global attention in 2011
As 2010 draws to a close, 10 major international issues will be followed with great interest as they will continue to be at the center of the world's spotlight in the forthcoming year.
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21.12.2010 Germany Grows Tired of Leading Europe on Climate Change
For the Cancun climate change agreement to be effective, the European Union would have to further cut greenhouse gas emissions. Germany, though, no longer wants to be the model EU pupil and is asking others in the club to step up.
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20.12.2010 If an island state vanishes, is it still a nation?
Encroaching seas in the far Pacific are raising the salt level in the wells of the Marshall Islands. Waves threaten to cut one sliver of an island in two.
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20.12.2010 Global warming linked to harsh winters
CLIMATE CHANGE: THE COLD spell Ireland and the rest of northern Europe has been experiencing may, paradoxically, be the result of global warming, rather than evidence it is not happening, according to the most recent scientific research.
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20.12.2010 2010's world gone wild: Quakes, floods, blizzards
Earthquakes, heat waves, floods, volcanoes, super typhoons, blizzards, landslides and droughts killed at least a quarter million people in 2010 - the deadliest year in more than a generation. More people were killed worldwide by natural disasters this year than have been killed in terrorism attacks in the past 40 years combined.
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19.12.2010 UN chief urges developing countries to pool resources to fight poverty
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Sunday urged developing countries to pool their knowledge and resources to speed up progress towards the internationally agreed poverty reduction targets by 2015.“Developing countries that pool know-how, exchange ideas and coordinate plans can attain much greater gains than they ever would on their own”, the UN chief said in a message to mark the United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation.
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17.12.2010 SA sets sights on climate targets
The biggest problem at the recent United Nations climate talks in Cancún was getting the United States on board, Edna Molewa, South Africa's environment minister, said.
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17.12.2010 California gives green light to carbon trade
SACRAMENTO (Reuters) – California on Thursday approved rules for a multibillion-dollar carbon market, in what proponents hope and detractors fear will be a turning point for the United States toward building a national program to address global warming.
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16.12.2010 Медведям хватит льда
Сокращение популяции белых медведей может быть остановлено. Опубликованная в Nature работа американских ученых опровергает негативные сценарии кардинального сокращения площади полярных льдов, которое, как предполагалось, сократит численность медведей на две трети уже к середине века.
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16.12.2010 Green fund to come next year
Bangladesh will receive money from Green Climate Fund next year to enhance the country's adaptation to climate change, Hasan Mahmud, state minister for forest and environment, said yesterday.
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14.12.2010 U.N. talks up pressure on Australia's climate target
(Reuters) - Australia's fragile government is under increasing pressure to deepen its target to cut carbon emissions after U.N. climate talks in Mexico ended with an agreement to step up the fight against global warming.
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14.12.2010 Japan to keep seeking wider climate pact than Kyoto
TOKYO - Japan will continue to push for a broad climate treaty, that would include major greenhouse gas emitters China and the United States, as an accord reached last week in Mexico left the door open to such a possibility, its environment minister said.
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14.12.2010 Business takes the lead on fighting climate change
It is easy to be disheartened by the failure at Cancun to take major steps towards an international agreement on fighting climate change. Despite apparent broad consensus on the threat that global warming poses and the need for urgent action, short-term national interest is still being put before the long-term collective good.
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14.12.2010 Romania va acorda Moldovei 100 milioane de euro pentru proiecte de mediu
Romania a decis sa aloce 100 milioane de euro Republicii Moldova, suma ce reprezinta contributia tarii noastre la finantarea internationala timpurie („fast start finance”) pentru combaterea schimbarilor climatice in statele aflate in curs de dezvoltare, a anuntat ministrul Mediului si Padurilor, Laszlo Borbely.
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