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29.09.2017 Climate change is going to hit the Indian economy hard
Countries located in areas with higher temperature will face disproportionate impact of global warming
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28.09.2017 Climate change impacting estimated 40% of US growth: Report
Climate change is annually impacting the US economy by an average of $240 billion, equal to an estimated 40 per cent of its current economic growth, scientists warn, saying burning fossil fuels "comes at a giant price tag which the US economy cannot afford and cannot sustain".
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27.09.2017 Climate change: Ministers should be 'sued' over targets
Ministers should tighten the UK's official climate change target - or face the courts, the government's former chief scientist has said.
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22.09.2017 Climate change requires most urgent mitigation measures, African leaders tell UN Assembly
Citing the spate of recent devastating hurricanes, African leaders – from small island States to larger landlocked countries – mounted the podium of the United Nations General Assembly today to call for urgent measures to mitigate the effects of climate change.
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21.09.2017 Cetățenii europeni, tot mai preocupați de schimbările climatice. Ce spun românii
Interesul cetățenilor europeni față de efectele schimbărilor climatice a crescut față de anii trecuți. După ce au fost chestionați într-un sondaj despre această problemă, majoritatea sunt de părere că schimbările climatice sunt o problemă foarte serioasă.
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21.09.2017 Ne vom confrunta cu o nouă perioadă glaciară în Europa. Avertismentul meteorologilor
Meteorologii anunţă o nouă perioadă glaciară în Europa. De altfel, aceştia spun că vine o iarnă grea şi că temperaturile medii în Europa vor scădea.
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20.09.2017 Climate Change Is Already Making People Sicker
Climate change is a central issue at this year’s United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), with multiple high-level meetings on the issue happening amid several devastating natural disasters. Hurricane Irma recently swept through the Caribbean and into Florida, only to be quickly followed by Hurricane Maria.
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19.09.2017 Climate Action Leadership Network Launched in New York
The High-Level Climate Champions, Ms. Hakima ElHaite, Special Envoy for Climate Change from the Kingdom of Morocco, and Mr. Inia B. Seruiratu, Fijian Minister of Agriculture have launched the Climate Action Leadership Network at Climate Week in New York.
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18.09.2017 As climate change makes bad weather worse, countries must strengthen resilience, UN officials urge
Noting the ever-increasing impact of extreme weather events, top United Nations officials, including Secretary-General António Guterres and Miroslav Lajčák, the President of the General Assembly today urged efforts to boost resilience and strengthen damage mitigation measures.
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18.09.2017 Climate change is a global challenge: Zuma
Johannesburg - Climate change is a global challenge and developing countries should be provided with adequate support for their mitigation and adaptation actions, President Jacob Zuma said on Monday.
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14.09.2017 Climate Change Effects Could Mean the End of Coffee Beans
The world never looks quite as grim with a cup of coffee in hand. But coffee, like all agricultural products, could be thrown into upheaval by climate change, making an already terrifying situation even bleaker. And a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences offers a different perspective on the challenges that may block coffee fiends from a good cup of their necessary beverage.
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12.09.2017 As climate change losses mount, it's time to talk about liability and compensation
The quick succession of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Jose hitting the Caribbean islands, Texas and Florida as well as one-in-100-year floods in South Asia hitting first Nepal, then India and now Bangladesh now has brought into clear focus the issue of how serious a threat we face from climatic impacts directly attributable to human induced climate change due to higher-than-normal atmospheric and ocean temperatures.
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12.09.2017 Climate change threatens Latin America coffee producers
Climate change is threatening the Latin American zones most favorable for growing coffee, according to a study out Monday that warns seed production could drop by nearly 90 percent by 2050.
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09.09.2017 Climate change is getting worse, and so is media’s coverage of it
Broadcast networks are decreasing their climate coverage at a time when the case for reporting on the issue is become more and more compelling. By ignoring this serious matter, media are failing to inform audiences about pressing impacts on human migration patterns, women, and the economy.
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08.09.2017 Climate change and hurricanes: Is Irma a sign of things to come?
Hurricane Irma is the most powerful storm ever recorded over the Atlantic.
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07.09.2017 Schimbările climatice ar putea distruge 1/3 din speciile de paraziți
Schimbările climatice ar putea distruge o treime din speciile de paraziți. O spune cel mai mare analiză de până acum. Paraziții au un rol important în ecosisteme, iar dispariția lor înseamnă destabilizarea acestora.
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06.09.2017 Climate change looms over Himalayas
Pheasants and Finches - two of the flagship Himalayan species seem to be reeling under the threat of climate change, states the preliminary findings of survey by Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS).
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01.09.2017 Climate change, destruction of nature, remain top concerns for young people: WEF survey
Young people remain most concerned about the impact of climate change and the general destruction of nature, of all the issues affecting the world today, the World Economic Forum said Friday in a survey it conducted.
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01.09.2017 New mudslide hits villages in Switzerland, crushing homes
Thunderstorms set off a new mudslide through southeastern villages in Switzerland near the Italian border, rumbling along the same creek bed where a powerful, rocky mudslide left eight people missing and feared dead last week, authorities said Friday.
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13.09.2016 Panama Ratifies Paris Climate Change Pact
Panama on Monday joined the more than 20 countries that have officially ratified the Paris Accord against climate change adopted last December by 195 nations during a summit held in the French capital.
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