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23.12.2016 Research suggests climate change affecting plants above ground more than below
It's a long way between central Pennsylvania and Greenland—at least 2,000 miles—but Laura Radville came to Penn State so she could study climate change in the "Iceberg capital of the world."
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22.12.2016 Global climate target could net additional six million tons of fish annually
If countries abide by the Paris Agreement global warming target of 1.5 degrees Celsius, potential fish catches could increase by six million metric tons per year, according to a new study published in Science.
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21.12.2016 Obama interzice noi exploatări de petrol și gaze în oceanele Arctic și Atlantic. Ce vor ecologiștii și alegătorii
Barack Obama a blocat ieri acordarea de noi permise pentru exploatarea zăcămintelor de petrol și gaze naturale din Oceanul Arctic și Atlantic. Măsura a fost luată pentru a-l împiedica pe Donald Trump să pună în aplicare planul anunțat în campania electorală, conform căruia ar urma să renunțe la măsurile gândite pentru a limita schimbările climatice.
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19.12.2016 The role of visual images in communicating climate change
Visual images and representations such as photographs, maps, drawings, symbols and three-dimensional representations play a critical role in enhancing climate change knowledge and understanding.
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19.12.2016 Farmers in Sudan battle climate change and hunger as desert creeps closer
In Sudan’s eastern state of Gedaref, nicknamed “the granary” for its vast rows of sesame, sorghum and millet, banks of sediment and gravel are popping up as high as hills around the farms – the result of deforestation and erratic rains causing watering holes to overflow.
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19.12.2016 "Pericolul" Trump planează asupra luptătorilor împotriva încălzirii globale
Votanţii americani, inclusiv cei republicani, consideră că SUA trebuie să rămână parte a Acordului de la Paris privind schimbările climatice şi să reducă emisiile de gaze de cu efect de seră. Donald Trump şi echipa sa dau semnale că au alte planuri.
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18.12.2016 North Pole above freezing in sign of 'sudden' and 'very serious' climate change
Temperatures near the North Pole have risen above freezing in the latest sign of the “sudden” and “very serious” changes to the Earth’s climate.
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16.12.2016 Study: Climate change behind some 2015 floods, fires, heat waves
Last year’s heat waves across Europe and Asia, fires in Alaska, unusually sunny winters in Britain and high-tide floods in Florida were influenced by climate change, a US report showed Thursday.
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15.12.2016 Climate change is coming for the U.K.'s fish and chips
For generations, Brits have relied on the seas around the United Kingdom to supply the key ingredient for a meal that is a national institution: fish and chips.
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12.12.2016 Bill Gates to fight climate change with $1b innovation fund
Trump has recently made statements and political moves that clearly show where he stands on the climate change debate. As if on cue, some of the financial heavyweights in the tech industry have are also preparing to make a stand opposite the newly-elected US President, and they are going to put their money where their mouths are. Led by Bill Gates, a new investment fund called the Breakthrough Energy Venture or BEV will use $1 billion over a span of 20 years to drive innovation in the clean energy sector.
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09.12.2016 Climate change film 'An Inconvenient Truth' gets a sequel
Al Gore's climate change documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," is getting a sequel.
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07.12.2016 Climate change threatens ability of insurers to manage risk
The ability of the global insurance industry to manage society’s risks is being threatened by climate change, according to a new report.
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06.12.2016 Climate Change Will Bring Wetter Storms in U.S., Study Says
Decades of research (and perhaps your own recent experiences on hot, humid days) have suggested that climate change will lead to an increase in big storms that cause flash floods, landslides and other natural disasters. Now, a new study shows that such intense precipitation will most likely increase across the continental United States, but with important regional variations.
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05.12.2016 How Climate Change Could Make Extreme Rain Even Worse
Climate change could drive a 400% increase in the number of extreme summer downpours in some parts of the United States by 2100, exacerbating flash flooding events that have wrecked havoc in communities across the country in recent years, according to new research.
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04.12.2016 Climate change likely cause of freak avalanches
For thousands of years the ice-capped Aru mountain range in western Tibet has been a steady presence, but this year, two vast ice avalanches changed the shape of the region in an instant.
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01.12.2016 Climate change will stir 'unimaginable' refugee crisis, says military
Climate change is set to cause a refugee crisis of “unimaginable scale”, according to senior military figures, who warn that global warming is the greatest security threat of the 21st century and that mass migration will become the “new normal”.
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29.12.2015 Obama to seek 'every opportunity' to push climate plans in 2016, experts say
Barack Obama will defend the Paris climate change agreement and forge ahead on his environmental agenda until his final days in the White House, according to analysts. And there is very little Obama’s opponents in Congress can do to stop him – unless they win the elections and install a Republican in the White House in 2017.
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29.12.2015 Climate Change Is Threatening Our Seafood Supply
It’s no secret that eating seafood is good for us, but will there be enough to go around after El Nino?
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27.12.2015 UK floods and extreme global weather linked to El Niño and climate change
From some of the worst floods ever known in Britain, to record-breaking temperatures over the Christmas holiday in the US and and forest fires in Australia, the link between the tumultuous weather events experienced around the world in the last few weeks is likely to be down to the natural phenomenon known as El Niño making the effects of man-made climate change worse, say atmospheric scientists.
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27.12.2015 Fighting climate change requires more than soothing fantasies
On climate change, curb your enthusiasm. It’s not that the recent international conference in Paris didn’t take significant steps to check global warming. It did. Nearly 200 countries committed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The goal of limiting warming to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) from preindustrial times was reaffirmed. The trouble is that what’s being attempted is so fundamentally difficult that even these measures may be wildly unequal to the task.
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