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31.10.2017 The Lancet: Schimbarea climatica provoaca o criza mondiala de sanatate
Schimbările climatice au cauzat deja o criză globală de sănătate. Insectele purtătoare de boli infecțioase și alergiile prelungite cauzate de polen și fungi sunt doar primele semne ale deteriorării situației. Dezastrele naturale vor fi din ce în ce mai numeroase, avertizează The Lancet.
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31.10.2017 Itaipu is a UN Climate Change Partner at the COP23 Climate Conference
Itaipu Binacional is the only Latin American company that will exhibit, within the UN pavilion, solutions for tackling climate change
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01.10.2017 Climate Change Week: Teamwork Our Strength, Says PM
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama yesterday stressed the importance of teamwork when closing the Climate Change Week at Suva’s Ratu Sukuna Park.
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26.10.2016 Climate change could harm relationships between predator and prey, says researcher
Climate change could negatively impact the relationship between predator and prey relationships, according to a UBC Okanagan study.
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25.10.2016 Company climate change plans too weak to meet Paris goals - survey
Plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions by big companies represent only a quarter of the amounts needed to limit global warming under targets agreed last year by almost 200 nations, a study showed on Tuesday.
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21.10.2016 Climate change could recreate horror drought
Researchers have created a model to reveal how climate change could combine the same weather patterns that led to a $1.3 billion drought.
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17.10.2016 Climate Change Will Change How We Grow Food
The world's leading agriculture organization sounds an urgent alarm as temperatures climb and water use is expected to rise.
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16.10.2016 Climate Change Still Worrisome in National Parks
Climate change is perceived as a global problem affecting many ecological areas such as National Parks and as a result no institution, district, region or nation can address it alone. Our Staff Writer, ANNE ROBI interviewed the Director of Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), Mr Allan Kijazi, on how the organisation tackles the factors arising from climate change...
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10.10.2016 Climate Change Blamed for Half of Increased Forest Fire Danger
Forest fires are burning longer and stronger across the western United States, lighting up the landscape with alarming frequency. Residents are forced to flee, homes are incinerated, wildlife habitats are destroyed, lives are lost. Last year, the Forest Service spent more than half its annual budget fighting fires.
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03.10.2016 How the Earth will pay us back for our carbon emissions with … more carbon emissions
The really scary thing about climate change is not that humans will fail to get their emissions under control. The really scary thing is that at some point, the Earth will take over and start adding even more emissions on its own.
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27.10.2015 University of California unveils plan to curb climate change
Reducing the human carbon footprint is a "moral imperative," University of California President Janet Napolitano said Tuesday as she vowed to turn the system's 10 campuses into a living laboratory for solutions that can be scaled up to state, national and global levels.
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27.10.2015 UN Climate Chief 'Optimistic' On Paris Summit
The UN's climate chief has told Sky News she is confident a new international agreement will be reached at next month's global summit on the issue.
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26.10.2015 Climate change to turn Persian Gulf into another Danakil Desert – the cruellest place on Earth
The Persian Gulf will one day look like the Danakil Desert or Danakil Depression, a barren landscape in Ethiopia dubbed one of the cruellest and hottest places on Earth with no permanent human settlement. Researchers say temperatures in the Persian Gulf will surpass the threshold of human tolerance by the end of the century, which will "severely impact human habitability in the future".
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Seceta și inundațiile care au lovit țara noastră în ultimii ani au accentuat vulnerabilitatea sectorului agricol la creșterea variabilității și la schimbările climatice. Spre adaptarea sectorului agricol la aceste modificări, în Moldova se implementează proiectul-pilot ,,Suport pentru procesul Național de Planificare a Adaptării RM la Schimbările Climatice”. În s. Sadaclia, sunt doi producători agricoli - beneficiari – Gospodăria Ţărănească ,,Vasile Baciu” și SRL ,,Sadac-Agro”.
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19.10.2015 Beating climate change is key to making nutritious food needed to beat hunger
With hopes high that a new global climate change agreement will be signed at the UN’s COP21 talks in Paris, the world faces a difficult question. How do we feed and nourish an increasing number of people while ensuring that expanded agricultural production becomes more sustainable, and does not put more strain on the world’s natural resources?
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19.10.2015 Climate Change: Lagos could be wiped out, says French envoy
Ambassador Stephane Gompertz, France’s Ambassador for Climate Change, has called for a robust participation from Nigeria at the climate change conference in Paris to protect the city of Lagos.
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17.10.2015 Climate change, food security key to global stability, Kerry says
MILAN — The stability of the world is directly linked to climate change and its impact on food security for billions of people, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday.
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16.10.2015 As UN climate deal looms, pressure on nations to ditch demands
A draft agreement that ditches cherished ideas of almost 200 nations about how to fight climate change could spark "fireworks" at a final round of negotiations to design a U.N. agreement to be held in Paris in December.
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14.10.2015 Climate change: Pakistan urged to explore funds for adaptation projects
A review of various energy generation options available in the country tells that coal is the most feasible, Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan, the additional chief secretary for energy, said on Tuesday.
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13.10.2015 New Research Reveals The US Cities That Have Already Been Doomed By Climate Change
Low-lying American cities such as New Orleans and Miami will be mostly submerged at high tide in the future, but with extreme carbon cuts, large coastal cities in New York and California could be spared, according to new findings published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this week.
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