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26.04.2017 Climate change deepening Horn of Africa's hunger crisis, Oxfam says
Climate change is making drought and humanitarian disasters worse in the Horn of Africa, Oxfam said on Thursday, ahead of a major climate march in Washington to coincide with the first 100 days of the Trump administration.
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21.04.2017 Situația privind realimentarea cu energie electrică a localităților rămâne în continuare complicată
Compania „Red Union Fenosa” S.A. a implicat peste 500 persoane din cadrul brigăzilor operative, operatori a rețelelor electrice și Oficiului Telefonic 24h pentru restabilirea în funcțiune a energiei electrice cauzate de condițiile meteorologice deosebit de complicate începând cu noaptea zilei 20 aprilie, curent.
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21.04.2017 În agricultură în acest moment nu sunt înregistrate pagube majore
În agricultură în acest moment nu sunt înregistrate pagube majore, anunță Ministerul Agriculturii și Industriei Alimentare într-un comunicat de presă citat de IPN. În centru-nord nu s-au înregistrat înghețuri, astfel culturile din zona respectivă nu vor fi afectate major. În zona centru-sud, unde temperaturile au coborât până la minus 3 grade Celsius, situația este mai rea.
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21.04.2017 În capitală a fost declarată situație excepțională
În Chișinău a fost declarată situație excepțională ca urmare a condițiilor meteorologice și a consecințelor înregistrate pe parcursul zilei de joi, 20 aprilie, dar și reieșind din prognozele pentru vineri.
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17.04.2017 Climate change taking big bite out of alpine glaciers
Across the Alps, glaciers have lost half their volume since 1900. And there is no letting up: Melting has accelerated since 1980. Most Alpine glaciers will be gone by the end of this century, scientists say.
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12.04.2017 Climate change upsets lives guided by nature, Native Americans say
The impacts of climate change stretch from the loss of polar bear habitat to African crop failures to threatening a seasonal festival among Native Americans that they believe is critical to keep the world in balance.
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11.04.2017 Climate change a character in Discovery's 'Deadliest Catch'
Climate change is one of the main characters in the new season of "Deadliest Catch," with the crab fishermen in one of Discovery's most enduring and popular shows forced to deal with a sudden warming of the Bering Sea that chases their prey into deeper, more dangerous water.
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10.04.2017 Climate Change Will Thaw 20 percent More Permafrost than We Thought
Permafrost is far more sensitive to rising global temperatures than previously thought, scientists have discovered. Models now indicate that for every one degree Celsius of global warming, four million square kilometers of frozen soil could thaw—around 20 percent higher than previously estimated.
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07.04.2017 Make climate change an economic – not green – issue, urges former Maldives president
Winning effective action on climate change will require treating the problem less as an environmental or human rights crisis and more as a sensible economic shift, the former Maldives president said Thursday. “While it remains an ethical or human rights issue, it’s not so easy to have it in your political manifesto,” Mohamed Nasheed said, pointing to climate change’s political divisiveness in the United States.
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05.04.2017 Climate change impacting ‘most’ species on Earth, even down to their genomes
Climate change is rapidly becoming a crisis that defies hyperbole.
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04.04.2017 Climate Change Solutions Can’t Wait for U.S. Leadership
From tourism-dependent nations like Barbados to those rich with natural resources like Guyana, climate change poses one of the biggest challenges for the countries of the Caribbean.
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03.04.2017 Climate change on exhibit at two Chicago museums
At a museum on the South Side of Chicago, newly mounted photographs and video detail the disappearance, due to rising temperatures, of glaciers that are hundreds of years old. It's a breathtaking display of natural beauty, fading.
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30.03.2017 The Climate Change Problem No One Talks About: Anxiety and Depression
Climate change doesn't just affect people.'s physical health by exacerbating problems like asthma — it can also cause mental health issues like anxiety and depression, according to a new report
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30.03.2017 Climate Change Is A Security Threat
Climate change is a security threat and a vulnerability multiplier. It affects human security, food security, water security, energy security—and women’s security.
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29.03.2017 Climate change-driven famine poses global security threat
The emergency relief coordinator for the United Nations is warning of the worst famine since the world organization was founded in 1945. It is putting an estimated 20 million lives immediately at risk, and while war is exacerbating the disaster in places like South Sudan, Stephen O’Brien says the primary culprit is climate change.
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29.03.2017 Buhari ratifies Paris agreement on climate change
Nigeria has become the latest country to ratify the Paris Climate agreement, which aims to avoid the most devastating effects of climate change by cutting carbon emissions.
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28.03.2017 The Cost of Curbing Climate Change
President Trump is expected to issue an executive order soon to reverse Obama-era rules to cut carbon pollution, including a moratorium on leasing public lands for coal mining and a plan to reduce carbon emissions from power plants.
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27.03.2017 Climate action plan with China
Minister for Climate Change Issues Paula Bennett has announced details of a climate change action plan to be put in place with China.
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26.03.2017 The more climate skeptics there are, the fewer climate entrepreneurs
In our new paper for the National Bureau for Economic Research, we argue that the presence of climate skeptics reduces the aggregate demand for products that help with climate adaptation—which means that innovative companies are less likely to devote their efforts to solving these challenges.
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24.03.2017 Climate Change May Be Intensifying China’s Smog Crisis
Chinese leaders, grappling with some of the world’s worst air pollution, have long assumed the answer to their woes was gradually reducing the level of smog-forming chemicals emitted from power plants, steel factories and cars.
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