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27.07.2017 Unifiji Creates Climate Change Awareness
The University of Fiji recognises the impacts of climate change on Small Island Developing States.
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26.07.2017 Climate change will force mass migration of 1 billion by 2100
Asia Pacific is the most vulnerable region to climate change, Bangladesh is the country most at risk, and poor people are to be hit the hardest, prompting migration on a massive scale, a sobering report by Asian Development Bank has found.
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26.07.2017 Climate change threatens ‘Himalayan Viagra’ fungus, and a way of life
A Himalayan fungus used in Chinese medicine, which underpins the livelihoods of communities of harvesters in Nepal, is under the threat due to climate change.
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25.07.2017 Fighting climate change can boost jobs, cut inequality - New York mayor
U.S. cities can create jobs and cut social inequality as they reduce global warming but must act quickly since the nation took a "wrong turn" on climate change, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday.
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23.07.2017 Climate change shifts strawberry farming
Florida strawberry growers already have experienced a dress rehearsal for the impacts of climate change during the past two seasons.
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19.07.2017 Climate change will force today’s kids to pay for costly carbon removal technologies, study says
The longer humans continue to pour carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the closer we draw to leaving the next generation with an unmanageable climate problem, scientists say. A new study, just out Tuesday in the journal Earth System Dynamics, suggests that merely reducing greenhouse gas emissions may no longer be enough — and that special technology, aimed at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, may also be necessary to keep the Earth’s climate within safe limits for future generations.
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18.07.2017 California lawmakers extend landmark climate change law
California lawmakers voted Monday to extend a climate change initiative that Gov. Jerry Brown holds up as a model for states and nations looking to lower carbon emissions.
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17.07.2017 Schimbările climatice: impact, strategii şi programe de adaptare (SPAŢIUL PUBLIC din 29 iunie 2017, Teleradio Moldova)
Schimbările climatice: impact, strategii şi programe de adaptare. În studio- Vasile Scorpan, Ala Druţă, Oficiul Schimbarea Climei; Anatolie Prohniţchi, preşedintele Partidului Verde Ecologist *Realizator Tatiana Fişer
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17.07.2017 How climate change strangled a Jurassic ocean ecosystem
When a warming world depleted the ocean’s supplies of oxygen, extinctions followed and recovery took hundreds of thousands of years.
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12.07.2017 Un aisberg de 5.800 de km pătrați s-a desprins de Antarctica
Un aisberg care măsoară de două ori suprafața Luxemburgului s-a desprins din Antarctica, informează Reuters. Oamenii de știință spun că este unul dintre cei mai mari înregistrați până acum.
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11.07.2017 Climate Cities: Can Urban America Save Paris Agreement?
When President Donald Trump announced on June 1 that the United States would exit the Paris climate accord, U.S. cities mounted a massive response: Hundreds of mayors pledged to remain committed to reducing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.
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09.07.2017 Climate Change Could Cut Southern U.S. Incomes by 20%
Without a significant reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions, the southern portion of the United States will likely suffer broad economic devastation from the effects of climate change by the end of the 21st century, according to a new study.
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07.07.2017 UPDATE: Merkel i-a primit oficial pe liderii G20, pe fondul neînțelegerilor cu Trump
Cancelarul german Angela Merkel i-a primit oficiali vineri pe liderii statelor din G20 la summitul de la Hamburg, în timp ce stafful său se luptă în culise să aplaneze diferențele de poziții și să obțină un acord în legătură cu declarația finală a reuniunii, comentează DPA.
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06.07.2017 Climate change action needs to go beyond Paris accord, Macron says
Climate change action need to go beyond the 2015 Paris agreement, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday, in comments reinforcing his earlier position on an international deal hit by U.S President Donald Trump's decision to pull out.
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05.07.2017 Climate change threatens nomadic life in Morocco
For generations, they were known as “rain nomads,” herders who moved constantly along the western rim of the Sahara Desert in search of a patch of green where their goats and camels could graze.
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29.06.2017 As Climate Changes, Southern States Will Suffer More Than Others
As the United States confronts global warming in the decades ahead, not all states will suffer equally. Maine may benefit from milder winters. Florida, by contrast, could face major losses, as deadly heat waves flare up in the summer and rising sea levels eat away at valuable coastal properties.
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26.06.2017 Climate change to hurt wheat, rice crop yields
The global warming-induced by rising global temperatures can badly affect the country's food production system in shape of crop yield losses and reduced growing cycles in the various climatic zones of the country.
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22.06.2017 Climate change could devastate the birthplace of the arabica coffee bean
The world’s most popular coffee bean, arabica, is under threat in the country where it was first found.
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21.06.2017 Mai mult de 2.500 de orașe au început să lupte pe cont propriu împotriva schimbărilor climatice
Începând cu Oslo și până în Sydney, orașele lumii au început să ia măsuri împotriva schimbărilor climatice, fapt ce creează tensiuni între municipalități și guverne, care controlează politicile de mediu și pe cele din domeniul transportului, informează Reuters.
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21.06.2017 Climate Change toolkit being developed for regional policymakers
Antigua & Barbuda and other small island developing states (SIDS) are being encouraged to take full advantage of a new toolkit that will provide countries with a comprehensive source of methods, good practices and knowledge sharing on Climate Change legislation.
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