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28.02.2020 New pact paves way for innovative solutions to disaster and climate change displacement in Africa
28.02.2020 ​Willem Keogh on the importance of ESG data as a tool to encourage innovation
27.02.2020 Heathrow’s third runway declared illegal after climate campaign
27.02.2020 Capacity-building to Boost Climate Action
27.02.2020 Accountants to Drive Climate Action Transparency
27.02.2020 Pay more tax to fight climate change? British district puts it to the vote
27.02.2020 Schools challenged to teach climate change as students join Greta strikes
27.02.2020 Climate change leads to more violence against women, girls
24.02.2020 Climate change could pose 'catastrophic' security threat, experts warn
24.02.2020 Senegal opens West Africa's first big wind farm in push for renewables
22.02.2020 Ukraine climate groups demand fast transition to renewable energy
20.02.2020 First World Climate and Security Report out now
19.02.2020 Study Suggests Fossil Fuel Use Emits Up to 40% More Climate-Heating Methane Than Previously Thought
17.02.2020 UK to invest $1.6 billion in weather and climate supercomputer
17.02.2020 Climate protesters dig up Cambridge college's lawn
15.02.2020 ANALYSIS-Climate change opens up 'frontier' farmland, but at what cost to the planet?
14.02.2020 Church of England Sets 2030 Net Zero Carbon Target
14.02.2020 Зимы в некоторых областях Украины не будет уже к середине столетия, — ученый-метеоролог
14.02.2020 Plastics tax, carbon-trading cash to cover EU's Brexit gap, officials say
13.02.2020 Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures Crosses 1.000 Supporter Mark
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