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Reducing GHG emissions from Enteric Fermentation by in-cluding dried grape marc in cattle ratios 12.01.2018

Every year about 600 thousand tons of grapes are produced and processed in the Republic of Moldova. After processing (de-juicing) about 40-50 thousand tons of dried grape marc with humidity of 9-14% remain. The fats and tannins contained in marc can reduce the formation of enteric methane by 18-23%, according to P.J.Moate, S.R.O.Williams, V.A. Toroka. "Grape marc reduces methane emissions when fed to dairy cows", J.Dairy Sci.vol.97, no.8, 2014, p.5073-5087)> Relative to the livestock involved in this technology, these reductions may amount to 69 thousand tonnes by 2030 countrywide. Since dry marc can replace the grass concentrates in ruminant ratios by up to 20-25% and its price is lower than of the concentrates, the costs for implementing this technology are related not to the need to buy dried grain but rather to the need to purchase the machines for drying the marc. The price of one set of a 2-tonne / hour marc drying machine is estimated at 160 thousand euro. The aggregate is able to produce about 2.0-2.2 thousand tons of dried marc per season. The total investments, including the assembly and installation of the equipment, required to implement this GHG emission mitigation NAMA action, amount to 4 350 thousand EUR. Currently, only small amounts of grape marc are used in the country - up to 100-150 tons annually, with all the costs incurred by economic agents

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