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Promoting Energy Efficient Lighting in the Republic of Moldova 12.01.2018

The overall objective of the NAMA on Promoting Energy Effi-cient Lighting in the Republic of Moldova is to convert all non-LED lighting systems to LED-based systems in the street light-ing, public buildings and residential buildings sectors by 2030 and significantly reduce national GHG emissions. At present, the dominant lighting technologies that are currently in use in the country include: different high-pressure mercury lamps in the street lighting sector, as well as incandescent light bulbs , fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps in the public buildings and residential building sectors. Most of the Moldovan lighting infrastructure is outdated and will have to be re-placed in coming years. Therefore a transition to LED lighting is considered as the best option since LEDs are currently the most energy-efficient and durable lighting technology availa-ble on the market. Preliminary estimates indicate that the full conversion to energy efficient lighting will reduce annual na-tional electricity consumption by 502,680 MWh, resulting in savings of up to 64 million €. Moreover, national GHG emissions would be reduced by 327,314 t CO2 per year.

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