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Use of solar energy for domestic hot water production in the Republic of Moldova 12.01.2018

The use of solar energy by means of solar panels with vacuum tubes is an acknowledged method that can be successfully applied to produce hot water for different types of beneficiaries. The main purpose of this NAMA is to reduce GHG emissions by substituting natural gas and electricity used for preparation of domestic hot water by solar energy panels. Currently, the use of solar energy in the Republic of Moldova is well-known, but it is insufficiently applied due to the high costs of solar panels. These systems are mainly used to substitute electricity consumption in some public buildings with high annual consumption of hot water such as hospitals, boarding schools, sports schools, as well as in hybrid production systems energy. According to preliminary estimates, the implementation of this NAMA will allow to annually reduce the consumption of natural gas by 32.84 mil m3 / year and electricity consumption by 146.35 mil kWh / year, generating an annual reduction of 115,5 ktCO2eq of GHG emissions per year. The total number of solar panels required to implement this NAMA by 2030 is 316,054 (aperture area is 1,645 m2 per collector), and the required investment is 492.75 million euro.

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