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25.05.2020 -   Thousands without power in Western Australia after once in a decade storm
Remnants of Cyclone Mangga hit a cold front and brought squalling rain, high winds and emergency level storm warnings in the Perth region
25.05.2020 -   Bust-up over climate weighs on EU-UK talks, risks trade rifts
Britain has its own ambitious goals for cutting emissions but is refusing to make binding climate-change commitments in the new deal it is seeking with the EU from 2021
25.05.2020 -   As lockdown clears the air, Cairo looks to keep pollution low
Expanded public transit, cleaner fuels and more shared bicycles could help preserve coronavirus-era gains, officials say
24.05.2020 - Public returns to St. Peter's Square; pope calls for defence of environment
Pope urges Catholics to reflect on how they can better protect the environment and help those most vulnerable to effects of climate change
24.05.2020 - Extreme weather, more people drive Pakistan toward a wheat crisis
Erratic weather is worsening the country's wheat shortage, with farmers already struggling to feed a booming population
24.05.2020 - Алжир построит 4 ГВт солнечных электростанций до 2024 года
Правительство Алжира заявило, что планирует к 2024 году ввести в эксплуатацию 4 ГВт солнечных фотоэлектрических электростанций в рамках мегапроекта под названием «TAFOUK1» стоимостью 3,2–3,6 млрд долларов США.
23.05.2020 - O treime din populaţia lumii ar putea suferi din cauza căldurii extreme până în 2070 – studiu
În doar 50 de ani, între 2 miliarde și 3,5 miliarde de oameni, în special cei săraci, care nu își permit aparate de aer condiționat, vor trăi într-un climat de căldură extremă, conform rezultatelor unui nou studiu realizat în Olanda, citat de The Independent.
22.05.2020 - UN Climate Change Launches Russian Language Communications Tools
UN Climate Change has launched a Russian language version of its website and social media channels as part of its efforts to expand the geographical reach of communications on climate change and respond to the rising demand for information.
22.05.2020 - Global carbon emissions drop 17% due to lockdown
Lockdowns around the world cause sharpest drop in carbon emissions since records began.
22.05.2020 - Renewable energy sector predicted to have strong COVID-19 recovery
The UK climbs the ranks of EY’s latest RECAI index as analysts argue renewables are a ‘safer-haven’ for long-term investors.
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