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24.01.2020 - Education Is Crucial to Tackle the Climate Crisis
Today, the International Day of Education, is an opportunity to reflect on the central and critical role of education in the international response to climate change.
23.01.2020 - 2020 a "Critical Year for Addressing Climate Change"- Ovais Sarmad
In an address to the European Economic and Social Committee today, UN Climate Change Deputy Executive Secretary Ovais Sarmad called 2020 "a critical year for addressing climate change."
23.01.2020 - At Davos, UN chief urges ‘big emitters’ to take climate action
The world is “doomed” in the face of climate change unless major industrial nations reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, UN Secretary-General António Guterres told business leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday.
23.01.2020 - UK Government risks “fatally undermining” net zero target
A new report has found that the UK Government is fatally undermining the country’s ability to meet the 2050 net zero target.
22.01.2020 - Ovais Sarmad Sets Out Expectations for 2020, Highlights Business Climate Action
"2020 is the year when countries need to up their ambition, expressed in enhanced nationally determined contributions. They must. The world faces a climate emergency and strong political decisions must be taken immediately."
20.01.2020 - IEA warns oil and gas industry must step up for climate action
The International Energy Agency (IEA) has called for the oil and gas industry to step up for climate action.
16.01.2020 - Climate crisis ‘affecting quality of life and fuelling discontent’
The climate crisis, as well as persistently high inequalities, and rising levels of food insecurity and undernourishment, is affecting the quality of life in many societies and fuelling discontent, the UN warned on Thursday, on the publication of the 2020 World Economic Situation Report (WESP).
31.10.2019 - EU4Climate: Schimbările climatice ar putea deveni ireversibile; adaptarea este soluția
30.10.2019, Chișinău - Programul Națiunilor pentru Dezvoltare (PNUD) a organizează, la Chișinău, pe parcursul a trei zile, un atelier regional pentru țările Parteneriatului Estic (PaE) privind planificarea adaptării la schimbările climatice și includerea riscurilor climatice în politicile naționale și sectoriale. Evenimentul a avut loc, în cadrul proiectului EU4Climate, ce sprijină cele șase țări membre ale Parteneriatului Estic în planificarea adaptării la schimbările climatice, focusându-se pe integrarea aspectelor legate de climă în politicile sectoriale și este finanțat de Uniunea Europeană.
26.09.2019 - Winners of the 2019 UN Global Climate Action Awards Announced
The recipients of the 2019 United Nations Global Climate Action Awards were announced today, helping to shine a light on some of the most practical examples of what people across the globe are doing to combat climate change.
25.09.2019 - New Action Plan Towards Achieving Climate Neutrality in Travel and Tourism by 2050
UN Climate Change Chief Patricia Espinosa spoke at the World Travel & Tourism Conference (WTTC) in New York yesterday, where she launched the WTTC Sustainability Action Plan - a bold new initiative by the travel and tourism sector, supported by UN Climate Change, to encourage and help the entire sector to take stronger and more ambitious action to address climate change.
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