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05.06.2020 -   Shell energy unveils new carbon neutral tariffs for UK households
Shell launches new ‘carbon neutral’ tariffs as public attitude shifts towards environmental awareness.
05.06.2020 -   World Environment Day: Global institutions call for a global green recovery
On World Environment Day, global institutions working on development, labour and environment have united around key actions for spurring a green, just and transformative recovery.
05.06.2020 -   “Heartbeat of the Earth” - an Artistic Take on Scientific Climate Data
Today, on World Environment Day, UN Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Google Arts & Culture Lab residency program announce “Heartbeat of the Earth”, a series of experimental artworks inspired by climate data.
04.06.2020 - June Momentum for Climate Change
In line with its COVID-19 response, the UNFCCC secretariat is currently not convening any physical meetings. But the work in 2020 remains critical for making progress on climate change and, as the Executive Secretary has outlined, is not in any form on hold. While the subsidiary body sessions (SB 52) have been postponed to 4–12 October 2020, arrangements for continuing work through virtual meetings have been put in place.
01.06.2020 - June Momentum for Climate Change Gets Underway
June Momentum for Climate Change, a series of virtual events, kicked off today, designed to take crucial work on climate action forward despite the COVID-19 crisis. The events, which run till 10 June, are being conducted under the guidance of the Chairs of the UNFCCC’s subsidiary bodies SBSTA and SBI with the support of the UNFCCC secretariat. A key focus of the opening event was on making recovery packages as sustainable as possible to respond to the climate crisis.
01.06.2020 - Israel unveils 80 bln shekel plan to boost solar energy
At peak hours, more than 80% of Israel's electricity will be generated by the sun by 2030, and coal will be completely phased out by 2026
01.06.2020 - Climate activists stage protest at oilfield in southern England
Extinction Rebellion group urges the UK government to stop investing in fossil fuels and invest in a green recovery.
31.05.2020 - Tropical Storm Amanda kills at least seven people in El Salvador
Heavy rainfall could cause life-threatening flash floods and mudslides across parts of Central America and southern Mexico in next few days.
29.05.2020 - Investors, scientists urge IEA head to take bolder climate stance
IEA report on options for green economic recovery from coronavirus pandemic, due out in June, should align with capping global warming at 1.5C, open letter says.
29.05.2020 - Группа компаний «Хевел» ввела в эксплуатацию одну из крупнейших солнечных электростанций в Казахстане
В Акмолинской области Республики Казахстан введена в эксплуатацию солнечная электростанция «Нура» («нұр» в переводе с казахского «свет», «луч солнца»). СЭС мощностью 100 МВт стала одной из крупнейших солнечных электростанций на территории не только Казахстана, но и СНГ. Инвестором и генеральным подрядчиком строительства нового объекта генерации выступили структуры Группы компаний «Хевел».
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