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21.09.2020 - Protesters occupy Swiss square demanding action on climate change
Up to 400 protesters occupied a square near the Swiss National Bank and parliament in Bern on Monday, as leaders of a group that has also targeted banks including Credit Suisse said they sought to highlight government inaction on climate change.
21.09.2020 - Military-style Marshall Plan needed to combat climate change, says Prince Charles
Climate change poses such a severe threat that the world's only option is to adopt a military-style response reminiscent of the U.S. Marshall Plan to rebuild post-war Europe, Prince Charles said on Monday.
21.09.2020 - Pregătiţi-vă! Vine ceva mai rău decât pandemia. Anunţ oficial de ultimă oră
În vremuri în care pandemia de coronavirus ni se pare cel mai mare rău care ni se putea întâmpla, un alt pericol major pândeşte planeta.
15.09.2020 - Trump and Biden clash over U.S. wildfires as campaign turns to climate change
Joe Biden branded President Donald Trump a "climate arsonist" on Monday for refusing to acknowledge global warming's role in deadly wildfires sweeping the western United States, while Trump blamed lax forestry and declared, "I don't think science knows."
15.09.2020 - Funds and firms call for tougher 2030 EU climate target
Investors managing trillions in assets and more than 120 business leaders called on the European Union to commit to cut emissions by at least 55% by 2030 on Tuesday, saying anything less would fail to unlock the private financing needed.
15.09.2020 - Wildfire smoke causes record pollution in Oregon, wafts as far as Washington, D.C.
Air quality in five major cities in Oregon was the worst on record as the state continues to be blanketed by thick smoke from wildfires ravaging nearly 5 million acres in the U.S. West, environmental officials in the heavily forested state said.
14.09.2020 - Hit by COVID and climate change, island states battle debt crisis
As the coronavirus pandemic compounds worsening economic pressures from climate change impacts, small island developing nations on Monday appealed for international financial support to help them avert a looming debt crisis.
10.09.2020 - Humans exploiting and destroying nature on unprecedented scale – report
Animal populations have plunged an average of 68% since 1970, as humanity pushes the planet’s life support systems to the edge
09.09.2020 - Uber: все поездки только с нулевыми выбросами к 2040 году
Мобильная платформа Uber взяла на себя обязательство, что все поездки, оформленные через неё, не будут приводить к выбросам парниковых газов (zero-emission mobility platform). С 2030 года в Европе, США и Канаде, с 2040 года во всём остальном мире.
07.09.2020 - Выбросы парниковых газов в авиации выросли за 20 лет в два раза
С 2000 года выбросы самолетов стремительно растут, ускоряя ход климатического кризиса. Ученые сообщают, что 3,5% потепления атмосферы связано с выбросами авиации, причем речь идет не только о CO2, но и других опасных веществах.
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