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30.03.2020 - India's women seaweed divers swim against the tide of climate change
Coastal women who have long dived for a harvest are now battling global-warming driven changes to keep their profession alive
29.03.2020 - Coronavirus lockdowns give Europe's cities cleaner air
Cities including Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Milan and Frankfurt have seen less air pollution since lockdown
26.03.2020 - UK greenhouse gas emissions fell 3.6% in 2019 - provisional govt data
Greenhouse gas emissions fell 3.6% last year in Britain, dropping for the seventh year running, driven by the shift from coal use in power generation to renewables, provisional government data showed on Thursday.
24.03.2020 - Coal mines emit more methane than oil-and-gas sector, study finds
Methane emissions from coal mines could be more than double previous estimates, according to a new study.
24.03.2020 - Use coronavirus rescue packages to fight climate change - UK adviser
Gigantic stimulus packages to prop up the world economy during the coronavirus crisis should be designed to tackle climate change, according to a senior adviser from Britain which is hosting the next U.N. summit on global warming.
24.03.2020 - Doubling up: Could coronavirus bailouts make economies greener?
Two weeks into a growing coronavirus outbreak, Lucy Vinis, the mayor of the Oregon city of Eugene, has plenty to worry about - from how to protect the community's homeless population to how to keep services functioning in the face of uncertainty.
23.03.2020 - Wheat in Whitehorse: how climate change helps feed Canada's remote regions
After failing to grow wheat in Canada's subarctic Yukon territory 15 years ago, farmer Steve Mackenzie-Grieve gave it another shot in 2017.
18.03.2020 - Coronavirus slows developing nations’ plans to step up climate action in 2020
The coronavirus is threatening developing countries’ plans to step up climate action this year as meetings are being postponed and resources are needed to combat the pandemic.
17.03.2020 - Coronavirus creating solar industry 'crisis' - US trade group
The spreading coronavirus is threatening project schedules in the booming U.S. solar industry following a year in which the sector topped natural gas as the nation's top new power source, according to a report published on Tuesday.
16.03.2020 - Unseasonal rain and hail damages crops in India, hits farmers' income
Unseasonal torrential rains and hailstorms have damaged the winter-planted crops of millions of Indian growers, inundating wheat, potato, chickpea and rapeseed farms in large parts of the fertile northern plains, farmers said.
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