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25.09.2022 - Cattle rustlers kill at least 11 people during ambush in Kenya
At least 11 people have been killed by cattle rustlers during an ambush in northern Kenya, police said.
22.09.2022 - Climate change risk to coastal castles - English Heritage
Castles that have stood for hundreds of years are at risk of being damaged by climate change, conservation charity English Heritage warns.
20.09.2022 - UN chief: 'Tax fossil fuel profits for climate damage'
Windfall profits made by fossil fuel companies should be taxed to pay for climate damage, according to the UN Secretary General.
20.09.2022 - Climate change threatens health and survival of urban trees
Climate change threatens the health and survival of urban trees, with more than half of species already feeling the heat, according to a new study.
15.09.2022 - Washington should focus on climate change for Pacific islands- leaders
Washington should accept Pacific island priorities for the region, making climate change - not superpower competition - the most urgent security task, the region's leaders said in Hawaii, ahead of a meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden this month.
14.09.2022 - The U.S. oil executive making a big bet on combating climate change
The chief executive of a small U.S. oil company has jumped to the forefront of the energy industry's greenhouse gas reduction efforts, recruiting high-profile firms to his vision of striking it big by selling access to carbon storage developments.
14.09.2022 - Comment: With financial losses from climate change mounting, the SEC must act now
In just the past two months, record-shattering torrential rains have wreaked havoc on homes and businesses in Texas, the west coast and the Midwest, along with Pakistan, Australia, China and other parts of the globe. In a cruel twist traceable to climate change, these same regions have also been reeling from withering heat and droughts that have devastated crops and water supplies and halted supply chains.
13.09.2022 - Climate change impacts ‘heading into uncharted territory’, warns UN chief
“Climate science is clear: we are heading in the wrong direction”, declares a major, multi-agency UN climate science report released on Tuesday, with a focus on increasing fossil fuel emissions and rising greenhouse gases, now at a record high, which risk thwarting plans to reduce global temperatures and avoid climate catastrophe.
13.09.2022 - Africa losing up to 15% of GDP growth to climate change, African Development Bank says
Africa is losing 5% to 15% of its per capita economic growth due the effects of climate change and is facing a gaping climate finance shortfall, according to the African Development Bank (AfDB).
12.09.2022 - Megadrought in the American south-west: a climate disaster unseen in 1,200 years
When the Nasa climatologist James Hansen testified before Congress in June 1988 about a warming planet, the temperature in Washington DC hit a record 100F. It was a summer of unprecedented heatwaves, and 40 states were grappling with drought.
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